HUMAN is a documentary movie by the French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

The movie is a collection of interviews with Humans all over the world telling their very unique stories.

It discloses their individual perceptions and experiences in life. They answer questions to very intimate topics about Love & Happiness. The movie communicates very emphatically the diversity and uniqueness of every person. The controversy of hearing and seeing a black African mother talking about her children and their birth being the happiest moment in her life, to a young girl’s narrative of her mother wanting her to continue receiving education and that her mother had to flee and leave her family behind, as she was almost beaten to death by her brother due to fighting for her daughter’s education.


The movie makes you put your daily struggles in a different context.

You start questioning your complaints and your right to be disappointed or unhappy with your situations. It’s a change of perspective and it triggered an empathetic and thoughtful response. I started thinking about how I approach people in my daily life which are less privileged. We tend to get immune to the poverty that is facing us every time for example when we enter a tube station. A bad habit we conditioned over the time. We do not bring up the energy anymore to put ourselves in the shoes of these people and spend 30 seconds thinking about it.


Furthermore, the movie brings back to our mind which problems people are facing day by day and which enormous issues still have to be tackled by us and society.

Looking upon the movie with the information in mind discussed in the lecture about up and down vision, it made me think of the definition and use of perspective. The movie shows different perspectives of different people, ranging from very poor background to wealthy individuals. We discussed that the aerial view was a very luxury way of seeing, back in time.

A view requires your act of seeing, changing your point of view, means changing the perspective of seeing something. The aerial point of view allowed you to have a change of perspective and see for example the city from above.

The opportunities to access a view from above where not as cheap and accessible as they are today. Considering this thought in relation to the movie, we can compare the fact that we are privileged to watch the movie, to the aerial view. We do have the opportunity and means to watch a movie, which some of the people in the movie do not have. The aerial view also allows someone to watch other people from another perspective. If you watch down on a city from above, you will probably see people living their daily lives.

It is an interesting reciprocal thought, to be in a perspective to watch people talking about their perspectives, that might change your perspective on different subjects. It can be a very confusing thought process but one to think about critically.


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